[greenstone-users] Associate extension and associate_tail_re not working with PagedImagePlugin

From SEAFDEC/AQD Library
DateMon Feb 8 21:54:09 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] Associate extension and associate_tail_re not working with PagedImagePlugin
Dear All,

Hello greenstone users, I'm wondering why the associate_tail_re and
associate_ext is not working with PagedImagePlugin. I have a collection of
scanned images of newspaper articles and I build this collection using the
instructions from Scanned images and advanced scanned image collection. My
idea is that, I want to put a link that says "View pdf version" since all of
these newspaper articles have pdf versions that I have made a long time ago
and I want to incorporate it by modifying FormatDocumentText in the format
panel. The problem is I don't see any ex.equivlink. I have tried ticking
associate_tail_re (?i)(.pdf)$ and associate_ext pdf. I hope my explanation
is clear. Please help. I have used this associate extension options before
with other plugins and it works fine. By the way, I removed the PDF plugin
to avoid my pdfs being processed since I want my pdfs to be just the
associated file.

Thanks in advance and more power to Greenstone team.

Elvi S. Nemiz
Info. Assistant
Library and Databank Services
Aquaculture Department
Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center
Tigbauan, Iloilo 5021
Tel. (63-33) 511-9170, 511-9171 local 409, 413
Fax (63-33) 511 8709
Email: library@seafdec.org.ph, eulereadgbe@yahoo.com
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