[greenstone-users] mdoffset problem in List classifer

From Yitzchak Schaffer
DateTue Apr 20 02:26:24 2010
Subject [greenstone-users] mdoffset problem in List classifer
Hello all,

We are using a List classifier on a Hebrew PagedImage collection for a
browse of subjects at the section level. Since each section may have
multiple subjects, mdoffset is important. Here's a sample from our
.item file:

<Metadata name="Title">Pioneers</Metadata>
<Metadata name="Volume">8</Metadata>
<Page pagenum="3017" imgfile="images/V08_002.jpg"
<Metadata name="Subject">?'????????, ??? (????????)</Metadata>
<Page pagenum="3023" imgfile="images/V08_008.jpg"
<Page pagenum="3024" imgfile="images/V08_009.jpg"
<Page pagenum="3025" imgfile="images/V08_010.jpg"
<Metadata name="Subject">??-??????, ?????</Metadata>
<Metadata name="Subject">??????, ???? ???</Metadata>

Problem is, when we build the collection, not all the nodes of the
classifier are getting mdoffset values assigned:


Anyone seen this before? I didn't notice any obvious patterns in the
sections/metadata elements which failed.

Many thanks,

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