[greenstone-users] Question about Collection Customization

From Amin Hedjazi
DateWed Nov 5 19:16:15 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] Question about Collection Customization
hello every one i am amin
and i got some questions about collection customization in GS3
what i want to do hear is to build a collection whit some pdf file whit Marc
metadata description but i do not want to show the compleate pdfs on the
online interface but the only marc metadata descryption should be shown in
the there whit a linke to the pdf file for download , for now the only
search options would be the mark metadata file field to be searched
ok now
1 . is there any way for me to do this whit the standard greenstone plugins
and collections ?
2 .or should i make my own Collections if so i would like to now where to
start at ?

so far i have read the Greenstone3 manual and got farmiliar whit the
architecture consepts and service developde mements
but i couldent find some good resources for plugin develope ments if there
is any out there i would appreciate it if some one woulde let me now about

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