RE: [greenstone-users] Simple search form display error

DateFri, 27 Jul 2007 13:27:04 +1200 (NZST)
Subject RE: [greenstone-users] Simple search form display error
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I'm afraid this is because the Vietnamese translation of
query._textsimplesearch_ needs an update. The current baseline macro has
removed the which cause the _idx_ displayed.

Please check the _textsimplesearch_ macro in English:

_textsimplesearch_ {Search for _indexselection_ that contain
_querytypeselection_ of the words}

Dear Mr. Kiem, after you have corrected the translation, could you please
update it in the GTI as well? Thank you very much!


> Hi List members,
> I would like to report a bug in macro fof Vietnamese interface.
> If I set "Query style" in Preferences for Vietnamese interface to: "Normal
> with single query box" (in Vietnamese is: "Ki??ƒu truy v?n:
H??™p truy
> v?n M??™t dng"
> The search form produce a line:
> Tm ki?m [search fielsd] _idx_ c ch?a [option]...
> (In English is: Search for [All fields] that contain [some] of the
> words)
> I have lookd at the translation for query._textsimplesearch_, the macro is
> some think like this:
> Tm ki?m _indexselection_
> c ch?a
> _querytypeselection_ t?
> (no _idx_)
> Where in the phrase should I edit to eliminate the word _idx_ out of the
> form.
> Looking forward to your helps.
> Best regards
> Cao Minh Kiem
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