[greenstone-users] Installing Greenstone on Mac 10.6.5

From John Lawrence
DateWed Jan 5 03:43:43 2011
Subject [greenstone-users] Installing Greenstone on Mac 10.6.5
Dear Fellow Users,

I am interested in looking at Greenstone as a multimedia repository for
a project that I am working on. I love and support the concept of OSS
however I am a technical/programmer dunce! I don't know how to perform a
build, compile a program and if the program that I download doesn't come
with a nice install pkg (meaning I click a button and it installs) I am
at a loss as to how to proceed.

I am looking to install Greenstone 2.83 on my home computer, a late 2010
MacBook Pro w/4GB RAM, 2.53 GHz i5 INTEL processor and 500GB HD. I've
downloaded the software from Sourceforge and have run the install
program for my Mac however I'm not seeing any GUI interface or easy
"Program" icon to click on. I am currently running MAC OSX 10.6.5,
Firefox 4.0b8, latest Apache server and XAMPP. When I click on the
"/Greenstone/apache-httpd/darwin/htdocs/index.html I receive a "It
Works!" message but again no user interface.

Any assistance would be appreciated for a technical dummy. I would love
to learn how to install this, and similar OSS so I would appreciate you
walking me through it rather than doing it for me remotely. I have
access to videoconferencing software, SKYPE, and iCHAT.

John Lawrence
E-mail: jlmt@telus.net