Re: MG++ build collection fails

From Katherine Don
DateTue, 14 Jan 2003 11:34:41 +1300
Subject Re: MG++ build collection fails
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the collector doesn't give very informative error messaegs so its hard to see what is happening. If you can build the demo collection ok with mg but not with mgpp its possible that the mgpp indexing
programs aren't available or working.
please try to build the collection using the command line programs

(in brief:

cd to the gsdl directory
perl -S demo
perl -S demo
then copy building to index
see the developers guide for more details )

this will give much better error messages and you should be able to work out what the problem is from these.

hope this helps

Puneet Pawaia wrote:

> Hi All,
> The configuration that I am using is as follows
> Windows XP Home SP1 (administrative rights login), Greenstone 2.38, Active
> Perl 5.6.1 build 631, IE6 SP1
> I attempted to build the demo collection using mg++ with the configuration
> provided with the compilation after adding the buildtype information and
> changing the indexes information
> creator
> maintainer
> public true
> buildtype mgpp <-- changed
> indexes text <-- changed
> ;indexes section:text section:Title document:text <-- commented out
> ;defaultindex section:text <-- commented out
> plugin GAPlug
> plugin HTMLPlug -description_tags -input_encoding iso_8859_1
> -cover_image
> plugin ArcPlug
> plugin RecPlug -use_metadata_files
> classify Hierarchy -hfile sub.txt -metadata Subject -sort Title
> classify Hierarchy -hfile AZList.txt -metadata AZList -sort Title
> -buttonname Title -hlist_at_top
> classify Hierarchy -hfile org.txt -metadata Organization -sort Title
> #classify Hierarchy -hfile keyword.txt -metadata Keyword -sort Title
> -buttonname Howto
> classify List -metadata Keyword -buttonname Howto
> format SearchVList
> "<td valign=top>[link][icon][/link]</td><td>{If}{[parent(All':
> '):Title],[parent(All': '):Title]:}[link][Title][/link]</td>"
> format VList
> "<td valign=top>[link][icon][/link]</td><td
> valign=top>[highlight]{Or}{[Title],Untitled}[/highlight]<i><small>{If}{[Date],<br>publication date: [Date]}{If}{[NumPages],<br>no. of pages: [NumPages]}{If}{[Source],<br>source ref: [Source]}</small></i></td>"
> format CL4VList "<br>[link][Keyword][/link]"
> format DocumentText "<h3>[Title]</h3>\n\n<p>[Text]"
> format DocumentImages true
> format DocumentButtons "Expand Text|Expand Contents|Detach|Highlight"
> format HelpBookDocs true
> collectionmeta collectionname "greenstone demo"
> collectionmeta collectionextra "This is a demonstration collection for
> the Greenstone digital library software. It contains a small subset (11
> books) of the Humanity Development Library"
> collectionmeta collectionextra [l=fr] "C'est une collection pour
> d??monstration du logiciel Greenstone. Elle contient une petite partie du
> projet de biblioth??ques humanitaires et de d??veloppement (11 livres)."
> collectionmeta iconcollectionsmall
> "/gsdl/collect/demo/images/demosm.gif"
> collectionmeta iconcollection "/gsdl/collect/demo/images/demo.gif"
> collectionmeta .section:Title "section titles"
> collectionmeta .section:Title [l=fr] "titres des sections"
> collectionmeta .document:text "entire books"
> collectionmeta .document:text [l=fr] "livres entiers"
> collectionmeta .section:text "chapters"
> collectionmeta .section:text [l=fr] "chapitres"
> This compilation resulted in the following errors
> The collection could not be built ( failed).
> The build log contains the following information:
> GAPLug: processing HASHf6dc.dirdoc.xml
> GAPLug: processing HASH0163.dirdoc.xml
> GAPLug: processing HASHebf5.dirdoc.xml
> GAPLug: processing HASH0182.dirdoc.xml
> *** creating auxiliary files
> build: ERROR: failed
> Please restart the collector and try again.
> I would like to bring to your notice here that when I used my own sample of
> 500 files for building a collection using mg++, I got 4 file errors at that
> time too. When I reduced the number of files to 100, I still got 4 file
> errors and when I further reduced the files to 10, again 4 file errors were
> reported. Could this be significant ?
> Regards
> Puneet