Re: HTML in Greenstone

From Sukhdev Singh
DateWed, 29 Jan 2003 12:06:12 +0500
Subject Re: HTML in Greenstone
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So far I am concerned, i did edit dm files manually and inserting the html
code using the hard way of cut and paste. But there is no need for all the
pages be generated through dm files. Links to html files works very well.
So you can have integrated site have content in html and dm files. You can
also think of using the "FRAMES" for displaying normal html files as well
as content generated from dm files in different frame.

check this out following.

sukhdev singh

At 12:41 PM 1/29/03 +0930, you wrote:

>Hi all,
>I am just embarking on editing my macro(.dm) files to customise them for
>our library; I was wondering - do you - like me - edit your .dm files by
>hand taking the html snippets from a page generated in dreamweaver?
>I am finding this a frustrating process; has anyone found a quicker/easier
>way to do it?
>I have also tried to replace the graphic navbar with one using CSS; I was
>truing to make it wrap for smaller screens(or just in a smaller window);
>unfortunately some of the HTML is hardcoded and can't be changed from the
>macro files; has anyone been able to do this successfully? or; will the
>hardcoded HTML being moved into the macros for the next version of
>And finally, will the cd building process cope with long filenames?, our
>users are unlikely to be using win3.1 So I was wondering if GS would cope
>if I tried it with a CD building session?
>Stephen De Gabrielle
>AraDA Project
>NTU Library
>+61 8 8946 7009
>PS I originally posted the first part of this email to the regular list but
>got no response - my apologies if greenstone_devl is the wrong place.