Re: [greenstone-users] Problem with create collection

From Michael Dewsnip
DateMon, 10 Jan 2005 17:05:30 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Problem with create collection
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We fixed some problems like this for Greenstone 2.52, so try upgrading
to that. If you still have the same problem, please send me personally
the doc.xml file that you are having trouble with and I'll try it here.



Francisco Andr?s Bressan wrote:

>Hello to all
>I have a question
>Greentone Librarian V2.51 in Spanish
>During the creation of a colletion appears the next error in /gsdl/perllib/
>Note: Attach the doc.xml file
>Error message:
>Comando: /opt/greenstone/gsdl/bin/script/ -gli -language es -collectdir /opt/greenstone/gsdl/
>collect/ bdtdunl
>> doclevel = document
>> *** creating the compressed text
>> collecting text statistics (mgpp_passes -T1)
>> ArcPlug: procesando /opt/greenstone/gsdl/collect/bdtdunl/archives/archives.inf
>> GAPLug: processing HASH1547.dir/doc.xml
>> ADVIRTIENDO: Ning?n plugin podr? ser procesado HASH1547.dir/doc.xml
>> Not a GLOB reference at /opt/greenstone/gsdl/perllib/ line 61 (#1)
>> (F) Perl was trying to evaluate a reference to a "typeglob" (that is, a
>> symbol table entry that looks like *foo), but found a reference to
>> something else instead. You can use the ref() function to find out what
>> kind of ref it really was. See perlref.
>> Uncaught exception from user code:
>> Not a GLOB reference at /opt/greenstone/gsdl/perllib/ line 61.
>> gsprintf::gsprintf('ARRAY(0x8252a58)', 'doc.xml: {plugin.
>no_plugin_could_process_this_file}x{a}') called at /opt/greenstone/gsdl/perllib/ line 41
>> plugin::gsprintf('ARRAY(0x8252a58)', 'doc.xml: {plugin.no_plugin_could_process_this_file}
>x{a}') called at /opt/greenstone/gsdl/perllib/ line 155
>> plugin::read('ARRAY(0x825253c)', '/opt/greenstone/gsdl/collect/bdtdunl/archives',
>'HASH1547.dir/doc.xml', 'HASH(0x8fea594)', 'mgppbuildproc=HASH(0x8fe3b04)', -1) called at /opt/
>greenstone/gsdl/perllib/plugins/ line 103
>> ArcPlug::read('ArcPlug=HASH(0x8e0fa4c)', 'ARRAY(0x825253c)', '/opt/greenstone/gsdl/
>collect/bdtdunl/archives', '', 'HASH(0x833aac0)', 'mgppbuildproc=HASH(0x8fe3b04)', -1, 0, 'undef', ...)
>called at /opt/greenstone/gsdl/perllib/ line 132
>> plugin::read('ARRAY(0x825253c)', '/opt/greenstone/gsdl/collect/bdtdunl/archives', '',
>'HASH(0x833aac0)', 'mgppbuildproc=HASH(0x8fe3b04)', -1) called at /opt/greenstone/gsdl/perllib/
> line 363
>> mgppbuilder::compress_text('mgppbuilder=HASH(0x833a0ac)', 'text') called at /opt/
>greenstone/gsdl/bin/script/ line 405
>> buildcol::main() called at /opt/greenstone/gsdl/bin/script/ line 160
>> El comando no se pudo ejecutar.
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