[greenstone-users] Greenstone 2.63 released

From Katherine Don
DateThu, 02 Feb 2006 15:39:10 +1300
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone 2.63 released
Hello everyone,

We're pleased to announce that the Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS/X and
Source distributions of Greenstone v2.63 are now available for download
from our sourceforge page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/greenstone.
Release notes are copied below.

Also available are an updated Export to CD package, and a new 'classic
interface pack'. The language pack is no longer needed, and the old text
images are now available in the classic interface pack. See below.

This is an unstable release, and we'd like to encourage as many of you
as possible to download and install it. The more user testing this
release gets, the more stable the next release will be.

As always, please report any problems or bugs to the mailing list.

On behalf of the Greenstone team.

Greenstone 2.63 release notes:
This release is an "unstable" release which means it contains a lot of new
functionality, some of which may be a bit flaky. If you don't need any of
the new functionality you may prefer to wait for the next stable release
before upgrading. However we do need people to give this a good workout and
report any bugs found so the next release really will be a stable one.

There are two major changes for this release: Support for HTML4 and CSS,
support for remote Greenstone collection building

- HTML4 and CSS
There have been extensive modifications to the generated HTML to support
HTML4 and CSS. A lot of the formatting that was done using tables has
shifted to using CSS. All the text images (home, help, pref, navigation bar
buttons etc) have been removed, and the formatting is done using text+css.
This should make it a lot easier to customise the look of greenstone, and
maintain the language translations.

The new design does not look good in Netscape 4, which doesn't support
stylesheets properly. Also, people who have heavily customised their
may like to go back to the old way. We have provided a backwards
compatibility macro file to achieve this (nav_ns4.dm). To use this
macro file, you'll need to replace nav_css.dm with nav_ns4.dm in the
list of
macrofiles in main.cfg. Also you'll need to download the new
'classic interface' pack, which contains most of the old text images.

- Building collections on a remote Greenstone server
This scheme allows users to augment and edit collections that are held
on a remote Greenstone server. Users work with a modified version of the
Greenstone Librarian Interface but do not need to have Greenstone running
locally. Multiple users can collaborate on the same collection (though not
at the same time). More details about how to use this functionality are
available at

Other important changes in this release include, in no particular order:

- Added support for converting right-to-left PDFs: '-apply_fribidi'
option to
- Tidied up the metadata sets so that they all use the same DTD, which
is now
online at http://www.greenstone.org/dtd/MetadataSet/1.0/MetadataSet.dtd.
DTD includes support for specifying a predefined set of values for a
metadata element. These values will be displayed in GLI in the value
tree. The set of values can be restricted to the predefined values by
setting the restricted attribute to true - GLI will not allow users to
set new values in this case.
- DateList can now take a comma-separated list of metadata names, for
example dc.Date,ex.Date.
- A new version of expand_macros.pl, by Jens Wille
- Tidied up the Search Indexes panel in GLI. MG and MGPP index
specification is now much more similar.
- Supercollection formatting option added to collect.cfg:
'supercollectionoptions uniform_search_results_formatting'. By default,
in cross coll searching, each search result will be formatted according
to the format statement of the collection it comes from. With the new
option set, the format statement of the current collection will be used
for all search results.
- Kea keyphrase extraction now works on windows, and there is an option
to use Kea 4.0 (needs to be downloaded separately).
- The Design panel sections in GLI have been tidied up slightly - The
instructions area has been removed, and a help button added which takes
you to the relevant section of the Help pages.
- Bug fixes to query string parsing (single word phrases in MG, plain
search parsing MGPP and Lucene)
- MG collections now transfer between different endian machines (apart
from the GDBM database). There was a bug in the endianness detection.
- New address_resolution_method option in Local Library settings (Windows)
- -associate_tail_re option added to BasPlug - similar to associate_ext,
but takes a regular expression instead of just a file extension,
allowing more than one file of the same type to be associated.
- GLI Latvian updated (Raitis Brodezhonok)
- Greenstone Kazakh updated (Bolatbek Amanbekov)

- ...and many many other improvements and bug fixes