[greenstone-users] GLI Applet problem

From Arthur R. Belanger
DateMon, 06 Feb 2006 15:25:22 -0500
Subject [greenstone-users] GLI Applet problem

I am running version 2.62 on Red Hat Linun AS 4. I have installed the
GLI as an applet. The problem I am having is in creating a new
collection that is not based on an existing collection. After entering
the collection title and the description on content and clicking ok, I
am returned to the applet but nothing has happened. The title bar says
"Greenstone Librarian Interface Mode: Librarian Collection: No
Collection" The same thing happens when I use the expert mode. The
applet creates a new collection only if I base it on an existing collection.

Is this likely to be a local configuration issue, a known problem or
something else?

I'd appreciate any light anyone can shed on the situation.

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