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From Katherine Don
DateThu, 09 Feb 2006 17:34:48 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Newbie question
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Hi John

If you have the data in a biliographic format, you can just put the
bibliographic file into Greenstone and it will split the entries into
individual "documents". Eg BibTex, CDS/ISIS, Refer formats etc.

In GLI, you can't just add metadata without a document. What you could
do is to create empty files with a .nul extension, add metadata to them
in GLI, and add NULPlug to the collection. All NULPlug does is to create
a dummy document and look for metadata for it.

You can search for any metadata providing you specify an index on that


W. John wrote:
> Hello,
> Today is the first time I'm using Greenstone. After reading the
> documentation and playing around with GLI I really like this software.
> But I have a very simple
> question. I was able to create a collection using PDFs, .doc and
> images. Now I would like to do a collections that doesn't have any
> files. This is, I have a list of articles (with titles, authors, date,
> year, etc...) and I would like to create a collection that will work as
> a catalog for those articles. The collection will not have any PDFs or
> any file related to each article, just the basic information of title,
> author(s), etc. What is the correct way to create a collection without
> files? Can I do search over the information?
> Thanks in advance.
> -John
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