Re: [greenstone-users] More information about [RelatedDocuments] Formatstring item

From Richard Managh
DateTue, 28 Feb 2006 11:11:33 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] More information about [RelatedDocuments] Formatstring item
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Hi Ruben,

The runtime code is looking for "relation" metadata, not "dc.relation" metadata. As far as I know, the GLI doesnt support adding a metadata item called "relation" to documents. I've talked with the developers and they have said that they will add the ability for you to use dc.relation metadata in the next released version of greenstone.

One way you could tackle this problem would be to explode your CDS/ISIS database file using the GLI, if it is an explodable database. You can test this by right-clicking on the database file in the gather pane, and if a pop-up menu item "explode" is available. If it is, you can "explode" the database into a directory that will be named the same as the database. There will be something like a sequence of 000.nul - XXX.nul files in that directory along with a metadata.xml file. You could try editing this file and adding the relationships to a "relation" metadata item (that you create) to the relevant records listed in the metadata.xml file.

By the way, your examples of contents of the relation metadata seem fine. To answer your last question, greenstone creates relations on documents with "relation" metadata. I can tell this because if you have the source code, in the src/recpt directory there is a function "get_related_docs" in formattools.cpp that deals with "relation" metadata.


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ruben pandolfi wrote:
Thank You Richard,

I have seen the faq, but I can not get the relation to show up in the output and I am not sure what to put into relation metadata.

This is what I have done:

1 - inserted [RelatedDocuments] variable in "DocumentText" feature

2 - inserted data into the dc.relation field (I'm using dublin core metadata at the moment, but very likely I will add a new metadata set)

No matter what I put into dc.relation, I always get:

 .. no related documents ..

I have tried with OID and collection name like this :

collectionname HASH011179dd1f0c321aec510320 HASH01f51d867137ebcef699710c


HASH011179dd1f0c321aec510320 HASH01f51d867137ebcef699710c



Can you give me an example hot to make it work?

Also, How can gsdl know wich metadata to look for in order to build relations?

Thank you and kind regards,

Richard Managh wrote:
Hi Ruben,

 From the faq page:

[RelatedDocuments]  Related Documents info (if available). This is a vertical list of Titles (or Subjects if Titles aren't available) that link to the related documents. It is based on "relation" metadata, which is a space separated list of collection,OID pairs.

Currently in the supplied greenstone plugins there is no way of adding the "related" metadata item to documents when they are imported. One way of doing this in your case would be to modify the ISIS plugin so that it does this, that would require expertise in programming in perl. There are runtime functions to handle this related metadata.


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ruben pandolfi wrote:


on the page:

I have found that a [RelatedDocuments] Formatstring item is available.

I could not find anymore info about it in ML archives , could you point me to some more docs ?

Would it be possible to import relations from a cds/isis file using ISISplug?