RE: [greenstone-users] Language Install error

From Jon Povey
DateWed, 15 Feb 2006 10:08:25 +1300
Subject RE: [greenstone-users] Language Install error
Hi all,

Seemed to fix this by unzipping again.... Please ignore previous
message. Thanks

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Subject: [greenstone-users] Language Install error


I'm trying to install Greenstone on Red Hat with Apache and I get this:
$ sh
: command not found
: command not found
: command not found
: command not found
Which version of Greenstone do you want installed:
[E]nglish, (F)rench, (R)ussian or (S)panish?
': not a valid identifier: `gsdllang
: command not found:
: command not found: line 125: syntax error near unexpected token `elif' line 125: `elif [ "$gsdllang" == "r" ] || [ "$gsdllang" ==
']; then

Is this something simple I need to change somewhere?



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