Re: [greenstone-users] large files choking remote builder

From Michael Dewsnip
DateFri, 10 Mar 2006 10:24:43 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] large files choking remote builder
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I've had a look at this and get "OutOfMemory" exceptions when trying to
upload large files. As far as I can tell the GLI isn't doing anything
stupid with memory when uploading, but Java seems to need to keep the
whole file (zipped) in memory.

One solution is to increase the amount of maximum memory that Java will
use. By default, Java will use a maximum of only 64MB. You can change
this by editing the client-gli.bat/ files and adding
"-Xmx128M" to the Java calls, eg:

"%JAVAPATH%java" -Xmx128M -cp classes/;GLI.jar;...

This will increase the maximum memory usage to 128MB -- increase this
further if you like.

Another solution is to upload the files outside of the GLI, as you
suggest. If you can provide another way to put files into the "import"
directory of the Greenstone collection on the server (ie. FTP) then this
will be fine. (To be safe, make sure you don't have the collection open
when you're doing this.) Once the files have uploaded, you can open the
collection in the GLI and add metadata as usual.


Michael wrote:

>Hi all - working to upload 100mb+ quicktime files through the remote
>builder and killing it pretty hard... with ftp access to the server the
>files can be placed easily into one of the directories (not sure which
>one?) and maybe that would be better for these guys?
>Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated
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