Re: [greenstone-users] Displaying linked images as thumbnails

From Michael Dewsnip
DateThu, 16 Mar 2006 16:26:51 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Displaying linked images as thumbnails
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Hi Lucia,

You can use the "-document_field" option to obtain (download) the images
when exploding the database (set it to "Identifier" if this is the field
that specifies where the images are). The images will become the
documents in the collection, and the metadata will automatically be
added to the images. When you build the collection the images will be
processed by ImagePlug and it will create thumbnails for you.

Try this with Greenstone v2.63 if you like but if you have any problems
please try Greenstone v2.70 (due in a couple of weeks), as I've made a
lot of improvements to the exploding and CDS/ISIS code recently.

Are you able to send me (personally) your database so I can try it here
and make sure what I've described works?



Lucia Phillip wrote:

> Hello,
> My library has a number of CDS/ISIS databases which we have been able
> to bring into Greenstone using the explode metadata option. After
> searching, we would like the results to display thumbnails of images
> that are linked to URL's in the Identifier field together with the
> rest of the metadata.
> So far, we have found that this display can be done only when images
> are imported first and metadata added to the record in Greenstone
> database. For example in the Simple image demo collection.
> However I noted that in the OAI demo collection that the OAI Plugin
> provides for linking to the image which Screenicon would display as
> a thumbnail along with the metadata.
> Is this something that is available for building collections after
> exploding CDS/ISIS databases?
> We would appreciate any help.
> Lucia Phillip
> National Library of Trinidad and Tobago (NALIS)
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