[greenstone-users] tested Greenstone V2.70,

From Sharad Jadhav
DateWed, 5 Apr 2006 11:03:23 +0100 (BST)
Subject [greenstone-users] tested Greenstone V2.70,
Writing to you and the mailing list after a long time.
I have downloaded, installed the Greenstone 2.70. I copied all current collections (based on Ver 2.62) to /collect/ directory where Greenstone 2.70 is installed. I completely rebuild few of them using GLI (usually I prefer the command line). Collections were build successfully. As I have already discussed with you my observation and findings when I have tested the unstable release 2.63 earlier. Some of them I am writing now too
Information on how CSS controls the appearance of homepage of gsdl, collection homepages, the document it self (if it is html/ plain text) and to what extent. How one can modify these CSS settings.
I can see a blue border around collection images and thumbnails of collection based on images. How to remove this border.
The Browsing Classifiers are completely closed to each other without a small space resembling as all browsing classifiers as a single link. (e.g SearchTitlesAuthorSubjects). How to add space between two browsing classifiers.
Anyhow it?s a great idea of dependency on images for browsing classifier.
Hope soon I will be changing the Greenstone version on server end too.
Sharad Jadhav
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