[greenstone-users] Greenstone Documentation Wiki

From Katherine Don
DateThu, 06 Apr 2006 14:03:05 +1200
Subject [greenstone-users] Greenstone Documentation Wiki
Hi everyone

As some of you have already noticed, we have a new wiki for Greenstone
on sourceforge:

This will become the definitive place to go for documentation. It brings
together manuals, FAQ, tutorial exercises (with sample files), example
collections, teaching material, and much more. Much of the information
from greenstone.org has been moved to the wiki.

We'd like to encourage users to add documentation as well. The main
pages have been protected, and can only be edited by the Greenstone
team. However, registered users can add new pages and can edit
unprotected pages. In particular, we have an index page for User
contributions, where links to new pages can be added:

To prevent graffiti only registered users can edit pages - please
contact us to become a registered user. Details at

The Greenstone tutorial exercises have been added to the wiki:

These have been updated to work with 2.70, and are now available in
French, Spanish and Russian.

Any comments or suggestions regarding the wiki will be most welcome.

Katherine Don
On behalf of the Greenstone team.