Re: [greenstone-users] PDF reader

From George Buchanan
DateMon, 10 Apr 2006 23:10:53 +0100
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] PDF reader
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On 10 Apr 2006, at 15:52, Lisa Weil wrote:

> I have some questions about creating a Greenstone CD.
> We are creating an academic library CD. The appearance requirements
> are pretty stringent, and articles on the CD need to match the journal
> articles exactly. We needed to bypass the HTML conversion process
> completely, and write all articles to the CD in the original PDF
> format.
The HTML conversion process is used by Greenstone internally (so
full-text searching can take place). However, it is possible to link
*only* to the source PDF documents by changing the macros in the
collection's etc/collect.cfg file. Instead of using the standard
'link' macro, that points to the document's HTML format, you simply
substitute the 'srclink' macro instead. Here's an example taken from
one of my own collections, where I've changed the first classifier
display to reflect this:

format CL1VList "<td valign=top>[srclink][srcicon][/srclink]</td><td

Similar changes can be made to other lists - e.g. the QueryList - to
achieve a consistent effect. This only requires a few minutes of time.
Full details can, as usual, be found in the Greenstone User
Documentation at in the 'docs' panel.

> All other Greenstone pages (searching, browsing, help, about) will
> remain in HTML format. However, many of our users are in the
> developing world, and we are not assured that they have internet
> access or even PC's with a browser.
We've been working on collections specifically for the developing world
for some time, so many of these issues are familiar. One point we
would highlight is that older platforms cannot support the latest PDF
readers (at an acceptable speed), so the choice of the PDF encoding of
your documents should be considered: if stored in an 'up-to-date' pdf
format, then they may not display properly under older readers.

> Thus, in addition to the Greenstone library, we will need to include a
> PDF reader (unless Greenstone already includes one, does it?) and a
> browser on the CD. Is there a possibility of having Greenstone create
> a CD which will include and install these applications?
We don't provide a PDF reader. The Adobe one is copyright, and we do
not have a distribution licence. Alternative readers are available on
different platforms, or you may be able to obtain a specific licence
for the Adobe one, depending on your circumstances.

It is quite possible to create a CD with these options included. We
have provided CDs with Netscape on in the past (and still do at
present). The various burn CD options have supported that option

A CD with an Acrobat reader would need some specific work. This
probably would involve the use of InstallShield or similar.
> Also, as a developer, I needed to download a JRE in order to work with
> Greenstone. Will the user require this, or is it only required for
> creating the library?
Not if you use Greenstone 2 (which I presume that you do). It is
indeed the librarian interface that uses the JRE, and that isn't used
within Greenstone at runtime, unless you use some specific and
infrequently used options.

> Lastly, I'm not sure where to find the ImageMagick software that
> Greenstone seems to require.
Try Googling it - the first hit should help!

We use this for manipulating images for display (e.g changing size,
file format). It isn't necessarily required - many collections can be
successfully built without it.

Dr. George Buchanan
Future Interaction Technology Laboratory
University of Wales, Swansea