[greenstone-devel] Attributes In the enrich view

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DateTue, 30 May 2006 18:57:49 +0100 (BST)
Subject [greenstone-devel] Attributes In the enrich view
Hello from Greece
My name is Michael Agathos and im working for my thesis
I have describe buildings with MODS and im using greenstone 2.70 to build my library
I have two questions:
Is there any way to import attributes in my metadata in the enrich view;
For example : How I could add the attribute  “text” for the subelement  <roleTerm> of MODS in the enrich view;
 <title>?????? ?????</title>
 <name type="personal">
 <namePart>??????, ???????</namePart>
 <roleTerm type="text">architect</roleTerm>
 <roleTerm type="code">arc</roleTerm>
I have already xml records with MODS and the pictures of buildings, is there a way to import my xml records in greenstone;
Thank you very much, congratulations to all of you  for the effort and sorry for my english!!

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