Re: [greenstone-devel] StucturedHTML

From Katherine Don
DateThu, 18 May 2006 13:43:56 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] StucturedHTML
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Hi Rich

Do you have the windows_scripting option turned on? If not, try with
that on.

Otherwise, please edit the Greenstone/perllib/plugins/
file, and look for

} elsif ($classPluginName eq "WordPlug") {
if (defined $self->{'windows_scripting'} && $ENV{'GSDLOS'} =~
/^windows$/i && $convert_to_type =~ /^(html|auto)$/) {
# we use structured HTML, not normal html
$convert_to_type = "structuredhtml";

Remove the "defined" from the if (defined $self->{'windows_scripting'}
...) so that it looks like if ($self->{'windows_scripting'}...

Then try rebuilding.

Does it work now?

Please let me know if one/both of these suggestions work. And maybe you
could send me one of your documents so that I can try it here.


Rich Robinson wrote:
> Hello,
> Just installed 2.70 for Windows. During the build, my .doc documents
> (Word docs) are getting the error, "Could not convert to StructuredHTML
> format". PDF's convert fine. I have tried the Word to HTML plugin with
> and without the "process_exp" being active. What might you suggest?
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