[greenstone-users] CDS/ISIS to Greenstone guide

From John Rose
DateMon, 29 May 2006 09:54:28 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] CDS/ISIS to Greenstone guide
Dear Colleagues,

Greenstone 2.70 provides several new, user-friendly features to
support the conversion of CDS/ISIS databases into Greenstone digital
libraries, in order to either display the databases "as is" (as
metadata) or to build a digital library of your electronic documents
by assigning the associated CDS/ISIS metadata to them.

These new features include:
* Correct handling of "pseudo-repeatable" CDS/ISIS fields
(non-repeatable fields with occurrences delimited by "<" and ">"
(Indexing technique 2) or by "/" and "/" (Indexing technique 3).
* Automatic generation of a suitably formatted record display for "as
is" conversion.
* The "replace" function enabling full-text documents associated with
bibliographic records to be easily integrated as they become
available (i.e. without having to edit the metadata.xml file).

Pablo Morete and I have prepared a detailed guide entitled "Creating
Digital Libraries based on CDS/ISIS Dabases" which is available in
English and Spanish on the Greenstone wiki, where it can be accessed
from the FAQ plugins section ("How do I get my CDS/ISIS database into
Greenstone?") :
and from the Other documentation section:

We invite your feedback in order to help the Greenstone team to
maintain and, if needed, try to enhance support for CDS/ISIS
compatibility and conversion.

John B. Rose
Honorary Research Associate, University of Waikato
Email: <johnrose@alumni.caltech.edu>