[greenstone-users] Related Documents in Greenstoen 2.70

From volker_konrad@arcor.de
DateFri, 30 Jun 2006 13:50:47 +0200 (CEST)
Subject [greenstone-users] Related Documents in Greenstoen 2.70
Hello List,

my name is Volker Konrad and I try to build a collection containing images of ancient manuscripts. So every page of this manuscripts is a picture with aditional data concerning conditions etc.

Now I'd like to conect this pages in a way that I can read a page and find a link to a related document, if there is one.

On the Greensone Wiki I found the formatstring [RelatedDocuments] with the hint, that he uses the relation metadata, which is a"space seperated list of collection,OID pairs". So I inserted [RelatedDocuments] to to the format DocumentText and filled the metadata by HASH-Numbers and collection name, but I all the time get the string ".. no related documents ..".

I searched all the documentation and the mailinglist archives, but got no description how to use this [RelatedDocument]-string in the right way.

Is there a special structure to insert the data in the "Relation" metadatafield? How is the [RelatedDocument] string to use in the right way?

Thank you very much.
Volker Konrad

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