[greenstone-users] Almost Successful Installation

From Grimland, Courtney
DateWed, 7 Jun 2006 17:03:50 -0500
Subject [greenstone-users] Almost Successful Installation
I finally worked through all of my installation issues of Greenstone
2.70 on Solaris 9 (which I'll chronicle here later), until I get to the
very end and I get this (I installed into /opt):

In order to use end-user collection building or to access certain
parts of the administration pages you must have a password.
A user with the username "admin" will be created for you with
the password you provide (i.e. to enter any pages requiring user
authentication enter the "admin" username and the password you
set here).

Install.sh: /opt/gsdl/bin/sunos/getpw: No such file or directory
Install.sh: /opt/gsdl/bin/sunos/txt2db: No such file or directory
rm: remove strings.rb (yes/no)? yes

Greenstone installation completed successfully.

I don't have a /opt/gsdl/bin/sunos directory and obviously the admin
user doesn't get created. The next output is the bit about configuring

I'm having a difficult time wading through the various configure scripts
and makefiles to find out where this is supposed to get created, so I'm
asking the list for ideas.


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