RE: [greenstone-users] Numeric Search

From Dep.Gestión Documental
DateFri, 2 Jun 2006 14:43:23 +0200
Subject RE: [greenstone-users] Numeric Search
Does this work with a configuration like
advanced search

We have found problems with that configuration.

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Greenstone splits words after 4 digits by default. To change this, set
maxnumeric in your collection's collect.cfg file
(Greenstone/collect/collname/etc/collect.cfg), e.g.

maxnumeric 8

Make sure the collection is not open in GLI while you are editing the
config file.

Then you'll need to rebuild.


Dep.Gestión Documental wrote:
> - Our documents contain reference numbers, and they are very important
> for the search. But if you look for a number longer than 4 digits, for
> example 720896, Greenstone divides the "numeric word" into 2 words: 7208
> and 96. We would like to know how to respect the whole number together,
> not divided every 4 digits.
> Miguel A.Muñoz
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