[greenstone-devel] Greenstone v2.70w released!

From Katherine Don
DateFri, 02 Jun 2006 14:11:25 +1200
Subject [greenstone-devel] Greenstone v2.70w released!
Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce that Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS/X and
Source distributions of Greenstone v2.70w
are now available for download from our sourceforge page:

This is a bug fix release, and release notes are copied below.

This release includes the Export to CDROM functionality, so the Export
to CDROM auxiliary package is no longer needed.

Also available is an updated version of the documented example
collections package.

As always, please report any problems or bugs to the mailing list.

On behalf of the Greenstone team.

Greenstone 2.70w release notes:

New Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS/X and Source distributions available:
Greenstone v2.70w

The Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS/X and Source distributions of Greenstone
are now available for download from our sourceforge page:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/greenstone, or via http://www.greenstone.org

This is a bugfix release. It is basically the same as the 2.70 release,
but with a few bug fixes and changes as follows:

- Netscape is no longer bundled with Greenstone; collections exported to
no longer offer to install Netscape.
- Export to CDROM package included in all binary distributions - no need
to download a separate package
- Restricted version option for Local Library server removed.
- A few bugs to do with Apple JVM fixed (creating new collections and
adding plugins in GLI)
- Improved Collage applet
- Improved DateList classifier
- GLI language codes now match those in Greenstone
- gliserver URL now set correctly for the GLI applet
- Fixed up problems with crypt for gliserver
- "Downloaded Files" files can now be deleted
- Changed .nul filenames so that databases of more than 10000 records
can be
- Search history now works again
- Improved mgpp query parsing for plain search, and improved search help
for mgpp
- srclink metadata changed so that it works when cross collection searching
- "Export As" now creates the output in the correct place
- "Export As" DSpace now works under windows
- Hopefully the large amount of whitespace that sometimes appears between
the page banner and the navigation bar is gone.
- Resumption token support for OAI server

- New Arabic interface for GLI, many thanks to Kamal Salih Mustafa
- Updated Arabic interface, many thanks to Usama Salama.
- Updated Gaelic (Scottish) interface, many thanks to Rita Campbell
and Laurinda Matheson.
- Updated Latvian interface, many thanks to Raitis Brodezhonok.
- Updated French interface, many thanks to John Rose

We want to ensure that Greenstone works well for you. Please report any
problems on one of the Greenstone mailing lists.