Re: FW: [greenstone-users] Almost Successful Installation

From Michael Dewsnip
DateFri, 09 Jun 2006 17:31:29 +1200
Subject Re: FW: [greenstone-users] Almost Successful Installation
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Hi Courtney,

We don't make a binary distribution of Greenstone for Solaris, so you
will need to compile Greenstone from source.

To do this you need to:

- Download and install the GDBM package, if you don't already have it
- Download and unpack the Source version of Greenstone
- Run "setenv CC gcc"
- Run "setenv LD gcc"
- Make sure you have GNU make installed and on your path
- In the "gsdl" directory, run "./configure --with-gdbm=<gdbm-dir>"
(where <gdbm-dir> is the location of the GDBM you installed above)
- Run "make" (or "gmake")
- Run "make install" (or "gmake install")

Everything going well, you should now have the Greenstone binaries and
can start configuring your webserver.



Grimland, Courtney wrote:

> I meant that the admin user *password* doesn't get created. I also
>assume there's some other housekeeping not getting done after this point
>in the script because cgi-bin/library was not set executable.
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>Grimland, Courtney
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>Subject: [greenstone-users] Almost Successful Installation
>I finally worked through all of my installation issues of Greenstone
>2.70 on Solaris 9 (which I'll chronicle here later), until I get to the
>very end and I get this (I installed into /opt):
>In order to use end-user collection building or to access certain
>parts of the administration pages you must have a password.
>A user with the username "admin" will be created for you with
>the password you provide (i.e. to enter any pages requiring user
>authentication enter the "admin" username and the password you
>set here).
> /opt/gsdl/bin/sunos/getpw: No such file or directory
> /opt/gsdl/bin/sunos/txt2db: No such file or directory
>rm: remove strings.rb (yes/no)? yes
>Greenstone installation completed successfully.
>I don't have a /opt/gsdl/bin/sunos directory and obviously the admin
>user doesn't get created. The next output is the bit about configuring
>I'm having a difficult time wading through the various configure scripts
>and makefiles to find out where this is supposed to get created, so I'm
>asking the list for ideas.
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