Re: [greenstone-devel] Greenstone custom metadata

From Michael Dewsnip
DateFri, 16 Jun 2006 15:41:25 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] Greenstone custom metadata
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Hi Matei,

There are two different files here:

- Metadata set files describe a set of metadata elements. These are for
the GLI only, and are stored in the GLI's "metadata" folder. Typically
these are created/edited using the GEMS program, or by hand. You need to
add a metadata set to your collection (Design pane -> Metadata Sets)
before you can assign any metadata to files in the Enrich pane.

- Metadata.xml files store the metadata values assigned to files in the
collection. Metadata.xml files are stored in the "import" directory of
the collection (there is usually one per folder) and the GLI
reads/writes these as metadata is changed in the Enrich pane. When you
build a collection, the metadata.xml files are read by RecPlug (if
"-use_metadata_files" is on) and the metadata is assigned to the import

I'm not sure whether you've generated one or both of these, but you need
to make sure the files you've generated are named correctly (".mds" and
"metadata.xml" respectively) and are the correct format. There are
examples of both in the Greenstone demo collection.



Matei Lunca wrote:

>If anyone knows how to troubleshoot this, we would appreciate a reply.
>I've set up a Greenstone library for a faculty of Utrecht University, The
>Netherlands. Ours has a custom metadata set that is made up out of form
>results that have to do with written reports.
>The form results get parsed and written to a neat and simple xml format
>bij a small Java program I've written. No problemo.
>The import and build scripts for Greenstone get run from the command line
>with a Unix bash script. All done by the book according to the regulations
>of the Developer's manual. Works well, although Greenstone reports that it
>cannot parse a few XML documents that it creates itself (!). (Source docs
>for testing are all Word .doc, not much out of ordinary stuff in there.)
>The problem is the following: When importing the collection in the
>Greenstone client the metadata does not show up. I know Greenstone sees my
>custom metadata file, because when I take the file out of the "metadata"
>subfolder of the collection, the Greenstone client objects and proposes to
>build a Dublin Core or other standard metadata set. This is reasonable.
>The thing is, there is not much else in the way of error reporting that
>can point me to what I am doing wrong. No "System.out.println()" as it
>where for the programmers out there.
>Either the Windows format that I am writing the xml, cfg and so on files
>in gets unreadable chars in Unix, or I get filenames/file locations wrong.
>Where is it documented that one should name custom metadata files A and
>put them in folder B?
>The collection is reachable through the web page, but the metadata does
>not show up, only bare documents/html, and the possible search category
>drop down menu contains descriptions like _dtx_ and such in stead of
>"Title", "Subject", and so on.
>Anyway, kudos to the Greenstone development team. I hope somebody out
>there can offer me a hint to solve our problem here.
>Matei Lunca, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
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