Re: [greenstone-users] creating custom navigation bar labels

From Katherine Don
DateMon, 26 Jun 2006 10:04:00 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] creating custom navigation bar labels
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Anton Chuppin wrote:
> Hi Katherine,
> Thank you for a quick reply! First of all, sorry if emailing your directly is
> not the right thing to do. I'm not sure, if you wanted me to reply to you, to
> the list or to both. Let me know, what I should do in the future.
You should reply to both the person answering and the list (unless
they've suggested to go off list).

I have found the problem. The library prgram is looking for _tabtextXX_
macro, not _labelXXX_ macro (for various reasons) when deciding what to
output for the button.
If you define
_tabtextSurname_ {_labelSurname_}
in your along with the other definitions, then it should work.


> Now to the problem:
> On Fri, Jun 23, 2006 at 05:22:48PM +1200, Katherine Don wrote:
>>This should work. I just tried with Search {Search for text} and
>>the whole phrase was displayed on the navigation bar.
> Yes, exactly. Changing the wording for 'Search' macro works for me too. What
> is not working is setting the wording for my custom classifier labels.
> When I do _labelSurname_ {Search for People by Surname} in the file in
> the collection's macros directory the only change I see is the display of the
> 'bannertitle' element on the page (the page name that appears on the green
> square in the upper right corner). The macro declaration is in the Global
> package.
> It seems like I can only change labels for the 'standard' classifiers that are
> provided (Title, Creator, Subject, etc.), not for the ones I create myself.
> Maybe I should edit something else, beside collect.cfg and files?
> I would happily change the "buttonname" to be "Search for People by
> Surname", because this changes the label the way I want it. However, I don't
> know how to refer to the multi-word classifier name in the macros, where I need
> to define _textXxxshort_ and _textXxxlong_ values. When I change the classifier
> buttonname to a multi-word value, I loose the ability to refer to it on the
> 'About' page, it becomes an 'unknown button' in 'undefined classification'.
> Anton
>>Perhaps the macro is not being used. Where have you defined it? In the
>>main macros folder in next to all the other _labelXXX_
>>macros? Or in a collection specific - if here, make sure that
>>it is in the right package (Global).
>>Try changing Search - does that work?
>>Alternatively, try using -buttonname "Search by Surname" to your
>>surnames classifier. This requires a rebuild to take effect.