Re: [greenstone-users] "View Document Option" & "Multiple files" Problem

From Katherine Don
DateFri, 30 Jun 2006 15:37:20 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] "View Document Option" & "Multiple files" Problem
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Hi Gayatri

You can modify the document links using format statements.
[link][icon][/link] links to the greenstone version,
[srclink][scicon][/srclink] links to the original (PDF in this case).

VList is the default format statement for vertical lists, and is used
for search results, classifiers, and document contents.

You probably want something like:
in your format - numleafdocs is set for bookshelves, which need
[link][icon][/link] to work properly.

Please see the greenstone tutorials for more info.

There is no easy way currently of making two files become one document.
However you can associate one of the files with the other file.

Use the -associate_ext option to PDFPlug, with the value xls (is that
the file extension for Excel?) Then the excel file will not be processed
itself, it will be associated with the PDF.

Then you can use [equivlink] to display a link to the associated file.
This was there in greenstone version 2.61, not sure about 2.60.


Gayatri Doctor wrote:
> Greetings
> I've been trying out with the Greenstone s/w ( version 2.6 ) & Student
> Summer Project Reports.
> I have created a Digital Library with Summer Project Reports and I need
> two clarifications and I hope you can help me out.
> Greenstone 2.6 is loaded on Windows XP server, with IIS Web Server
> installed and is accessible on the Intranet. A Collection for Summer
> Internship Project Reports has been made. Search is available on
> title.keyword,organisation, faculty and words.
> (I) Student summer Projects are normally collected as PDF files.
> When I create the collection ( browsing classifiers) ....normally
> it gives two options ....
> (1) View the document (2) View the PDF document.
> Is it possible to restrict (1) View the document & have only the option
> of (2) View the PDF ?
> How do you restrict this ? Any suggestions ?
> (II) Some student reports are a combination of Word & Excel files ....
> Can I represent them as a single report ? do I add them to the
> collection ?
> Thanks & Awaiting a reply
> Gayatri
> Gayatri Doctor
> Faculty , ICFAI Business School
> Nr GNFC Info Tower
> S G Road
> Ahmedabad 380054
> India
> <>
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