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From Dominique Babini
DateFri, 16 Jun 2006 08:34:14 -0300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Training in Greenstone
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Dear Michael,
Yes, accents are a problem when entering metadata in Spanish because the Spanish language uses very frequently accents, and in a decentralized digital library we need the system to accept the input with or without accents.   Soon, we will send you Juan Grigera´s interface to solve this issue of accents, for all Greenstone users because other languages use accents (ex.: french)
About which are the difficulties with the librarian interface, we will send you Florencia´s input next Tuesday or Wednesday.
Good luck to all our Greenstone football fans (we, Argentina, are playing today our second game, this time with Serbia and Montenegro)

Michael Dewsnip <> en Viernes, 16 de Junio de 2006 a 12:01 a.m. +0000 escribe:
Dear Dominique,

Thanks for your e-mail, and it's fantastic to hear about your work
spreading the word on Greenstone!

We're curious to find out more about your problems with the GLI, because
we find it invaluable when giving workshops. What sort of problems have
you had? The issue you mention concerning accents -- is this a problem
with entering metadata?

All the best,


Dominique Babini wrote:

> We would like to share with our Greenstone friends that in the past
> year we have organized 30 workshops free of charge for 284 editors and
> librarians from 101 social sciences research institutions of 11
> countries of Latin America and the Caribbean .    The workshops
> included, among other topics (e-publishing and portals), a general
> presentation about Greenstone, how to start a digital library with
> Greenstone, and a practical session.
> Many participants had heard about Greenstone before but for all
> participants in the workshops it was their first practical experience
> with it.   We have not used the librarian interface because it does
> not work correctly.   For the problem of accents, we have hired Juan
> Grigera (University of La Plata, Argentina,
> <>) who is developing an interface for
> solving accents in the main languages and this resource will soon be
> available with no charge for this Greenstone community.
> Florencia Vergara Rossi, responsible for the virtual library platform
> and  Greenstone development  (
> <>)
> Dominique Babini, coodinator of Information Area at CLACSO
> PD: Our library provides open access to 5.300 full-text social science
> books, periodical articles and conference papers published
> (in Spanish and Portuguese) by CLACSO´s network of 173 research
> institutions in 21 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.
> We receive 70.000 visitors a month in average.
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