[greenstone-users] DBPlug question

From Michael Silver
DateSun, 27 Aug 2006 20:56:02 -0600
Subject [greenstone-users] DBPlug question

Still flailing away with my problem here... Started working with DBPlug as
it looks promising and avoids me having to manually create thousands of nul
files. However, I'm getting an error when I try to import.

Here's what happens:

C:Program FilesGreenstonecollectodbctest>perl -S import.pl odbctest
Bareword "DBI::SQL_ALL_TYPES" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at
C:/Perl/site/lib/DBD/ODBC.pm line 373.
BEGIN not safe after errors--compilation aborted at
C:/Perl/site/lib/DBD/ODBC.pm line 387.

Compilation failed in require at C:Program
FilesGreenstoneperllibpluginsDBPlug.pm line 43.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at C:Program
FilesGreenstoneperllibpluginsDBPlug.pm line 43.
Compilation failed in require at C:Program
FilesGreenstone/perllib/plugin.pm line 95.

Note that line 43 in DBPlug.pm is the line I added for the driver:

use DBD::ODBC;

Obviously, I'm working on Windows XP Professional.
Greenstone 2.70W
Latest ActivePerl (5.8.8)
Modules installed by ppm.
Using Perl in c:Perl, not the GSDLHOMEbinwindowsperl

I did do some searching, and found a possible fix that called for replacing

use DBD;


use DBD qw(:sql_types);

but that didn't change the error message at all.
Being the hack (not hacker) that I am, I tried simply commenting out the
"strict" statements in ODBC.pm, but that turned up other errors. Instead of
totally breaking things, I decided to stop at that point and beg for more

Any ideas floating around out there?


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