[greenstone-users] import pl failure

From Elizabeth Cass
DateMon, 7 Aug 2006 13:25:44 +1200
Subject [greenstone-users] import pl failure

I have experience my first Greenstone error when rebuilding the collection and am at a loss at to what

The error message is below. The collection was last rebuilt successfully 21 July.

It states that the collection is invalid but I can see it?

Would appreciate any assistance.


Libby Cass





Command: E:Greenstone2.70wbinwindowsperlbinPerl.exe -S E:Greenstone2.70wbinscriptimport.pl -gli -language en -collectdir E:Greenstone2.70wcollect -OIDtype hash -faillog paddle

import.pl>  Usage: import.pl [options] collection-name

import.pl>  options:

import.pl>   -archivedir <string>    Where the converted material ends up.

import.pl>   -collectdir <string>    Collection directory.

import.pl>                           Default:

import.pl>   -debug                  Print imported text to STDOUT.

import.pl>   -faillog <string>       Fail log filename. This log receives the filenames of

import.pl>                           any files which fail to be processed.

import.pl>                           Default:

import.pl>   -groupsize <int>        Number of import documents to group into one XML file.

import.pl>                           Default: 1

import.pl>   -gzip                   Use gzip to compress resulting xml documents (don't

import.pl>                           forget to include ZIPPlug in your plugin list when

import.pl>                           building from compressed documents).

import.pl>   -importdir <string>     Where the original material lives.

import.pl>   -keepold                Will not destroy the current contents of the archives

import.pl>                           directory.

import.pl>   -removeold              Will remove the old contents of the archives

import.pl>                           directory.

import.pl>   -language <string>      Language to display option descriptions in (eg.

import.pl>                           'en_US' specifies American English). Requires

import.pl>                           translations of the option descriptions to exist in

import.pl>                           the perllib/strings_language-code.rb file.

import.pl>   -maxdocs <int>          Maximum number of documents to import.

import.pl>   -OIDtype <enum>         The method to use when generating unique identifiers

import.pl>                           for each document.

import.pl>                           hash: Hashes the contents of the file. Document

import.pl>                             identifier will be the same every time the

import.pl>                             collection is imported.

import.pl>                           incremental: A simple document count that is

import.pl>                             significantly faster than "hash". It is not

import.pl>                             guaranteed to always assign the same identifier to a

import.pl>                             given document though and does not allow further

import.pl>                             documents to be added to existing xml archives.

import.pl>                           assigned: Uses 'D' plus the value of dc.Identifier as

import.pl>                             the document identifier. dc.Identifiers should be

import.pl>                             unique. If no dc.Identifier is assigned to the

import.pl>                             document, a hash id will be used instead.

import.pl>                           dirname: Uses 'J' plus the parent directory name as the

import.pl>                             identifier. This relies on there being only one

import.pl>                             document per directory, and all directory names

import.pl>                             being unique. E.g. import/b13as/h15ef/page.html will

import.pl>                             get an identifier of Jh15ef.

import.pl>   -out <string>           Filename or handle to print output status to.

import.pl>                           Default: STDERR

import.pl>   -saveas <enum>          This is to decide the archives format to be generated.

import.pl>                           The default setting is to GA.

import.pl>                           Default: GA

import.pl>                           GA: Will generate Greenstone Archive format.

import.pl>                           METS: Will generate METS format.

import.pl>   -sortmeta <string>      Sort documents alphabetically by metadata for

import.pl>                           building. Search results for boolean queries will be

import.pl>                           displayed in this order. This will be disabled if

import.pl>                           groupsize > 1.

import.pl>   -removeprefix <regexp>  A prefix to ignore in metadata values when sorting.

import.pl>                           Default:

import.pl>   -removesuffix <regexp>  A suffix to ignore in metadata values when sorting.

import.pl>                           Default:

import.pl>   -statsfile <string>     Filename or handle to print import statistics to.

import.pl>                           Default: STDERR

import.pl>   -verbosity <int>        Controls the quantity of output. 0=none, 3=lots.

import.pl>   -gli                  

import.pl>   -xml                    Produces the information in an XML form, without

import.pl>                           'pretty' comments but with much more detail.

import.pl> Invalid collection (E:Greenstone2.70wcollect).

import.pl> Command failed.


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