[greenstone-users] Changing banner images

From Allison Zhang
DateWed, 23 Aug 2006 11:30:08 -0400
Subject [greenstone-users] Changing banner images
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Hi, list,

We just installed the new version of GSDL (2.70) and I found all headers of
our collections are a mess. I understand that I can either use css
stylesheet using macros in nav_css.dm or keep the old flashy images on the
header and the navigation bar using macros in nav_ns4.dm. However, I could
not find the macro(s) that I could change to display a graphic PAGE title.
I figured out how to use a graphic title for the Search, References and
Help pages but could not figure out how to do this for the document pages,
i.e. the pages displayed when you click on the classifier buttons.

Here are what I found:

1. looks like the correct macro to use. It is defined as


is defined in some packages such as About, Help, Ref, etc.
but is not defined for the document pages.

2. In the old version we use, is defined as

{_iconthispage_}, but _iconthispage_ is not defined for
the document pages either. I guess, it must be set up on the server?

3. In the nav_ns4.dm there are title images macros, for example:

_titleimageTitle_ {<img src="_httpiconhtitle_" width="_widthhtitle_"

this defines the title as an image and I could change the macro
_httpicontitle_ to use the graphic image.

However, these title image macros are not used anywhere. I could not find
any macros that reference these title image macros.

To make it simple, how can I use graphic page title for the document pages,
such as Titles, Subjects, Creators, and so on?