Re: [greenstone-users] installing gsdl 3 & sentence level filters

From Katherine Don
DateTue, 01 Aug 2006 12:38:13 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] installing gsdl 3 & sentence level filters
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Hi Anson

Firstly, Greenstone 3 questions should go to the greenstone3 mailing list:

1. What kind of collection are you using? If you have used MGPP as the
indexer, you can do jakarta NEAR10 apache to find occurrances within 10
words of each other.

2. We have removed mysql from greenstone 3 now. Do you actually need it?
In the last release it was only used for the greenstone three demo
collection, and for the new greenstone 3 style collection building.
These have both been removed from greenstone 3 and will not be present
in the next release.
If you are not using either of these things, then I recommend you remove
mysql. Edit the build.xml file and remove configure-mysql from the
install target, then rerun ant install.
Edit the start and stop targets for they only call the tomcat targets,
not the mysql targets.


Anson Parker wrote:
> Hi all -
> 2 questions -
> 1)- how would you set up a filter to do sentence level searches - lucene
> supports this with the "jakarta apache"~10 finding every occurrences of
> jakarta and apache within 10 words of eachother. Any ideas?
> 2) I'm getting an error on my gsdl install on a windows box. I don't
> really care about setting mysql passwords for the time, so I tried turing
> off passwords initially - any reason this won't work?
> here's the error from "ant install"
> [exec] D:gsdl3packagesmysqlbinmysqladmin: connect to server at
> 'localhost' failed
> [exec] error: 'Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using
> password: NO)'
> my build file is this
> ----------------------------------------->
> ## java compilation properties - for javac
> #Should compilation include the debug option?
> compile.debug=true
> #Should compilation include the deprecation option?
> compile.deprecation=true
> #Should compilation include the optimize option?
> compile.optimize=true
> ## windows c++ compilation
> Files/Microsoft Visual
> Studio/VC98/Bin/VCVARS32.BAT
> ## Tomcat installation
> #Set this to the internet/intranet name of the machine that Tomcat is/will
> be run on. localhost is fine for accessing the server from the local
> machine, but not remotely
> tomcat.server=localhost
> # The port number that tomcat is/will be run on
> tomcat.port=8080
> # If tomcat is already running, enter the path to the base directory here
> tomcat.installed.path=
> #uncomment the following if you have moved the greenstone3 web directory
> to tomcats webapps dir
> #web.home=${tomcat.installed.path}/webapps/greenstone3
> ## Greenstone 2 collection building options
> #The path to Greenstone 2 if it is already installed
> #If you do not want to use Greenstone 2 style building at all, set this
> property to any non-empty string, e.g. xxx
> gsdl2.installed.path=
> ## Relational database
> # set this to be non-empty if you are using an external mysql.
> mysql.installed.path=
> #change the following if the defaults are not correct
> mysql.server=localhost
> #port mysql should run on. Change if you already have mysql running on the
> default port
> mysql.port=3306
> #Should passwords be set for the root and greenstone mysql users?
> mysql.use.passwords=no
> #mysql.datadir=
> ## Mysql user passwords: uncomment and set the following if you don't want
> to be prompted for them during installation
> #The root password for a local mysql installation
> mysql.root.password=
> # The password for the gsdl3admin user (local and external mysql)
> mysql.admin.password=
> # The password for the gsdl3reader user (local and external mysql)
> mysql.reader.password=
> ------>
> Thanks - Anson
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