[greenstone-users] Classifier option -firstvalueonly difference 2.60 - 2.70w

From ruben pandolfi
DateTue, 01 Aug 2006 10:32:26 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] Classifier option -firstvalueonly difference 2.60 - 2.70w

I have the following option in my collect.cfg to have a list of all
titles and without grouping them in subfolder:

classifyAZCompactList -metadata dc.Title -firstvalueonly

in 2.70w this is no working anymore, after building the collection I
have a folder titles list, each folder containing one title only.

How can I achieve getting back to a simple list of title with direct
link to the resource as in here:


(this is the 2.60 collection in gsdl 2.70w before rebuild)

Thank you for your help!