Re: [greenstone-users] problem with building "large" collections

From jens wille
DateFri, 04 Aug 2006 08:21:53 +0200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] problem with building "large" collections
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hi michael!

Michael Dewsnip [04.08.2006 00:36]:
> There is a 2GB limit for GDBM files (ie. the info database) --
> are you nearing this limit? (You do mention 2GB but I assume that
> is the total size of the import documents, and the amount of
> metadata should be somewhat less).
yes, that's right, the 2GB referred to the total size of the
collection's directory. are there any intermediate files that could
grow larger than that? maybe i should try -no_text? (the problem
just is that building takes so much time, so it's a bit difficult to
test a lot of different setups ;-)

let me add that this is a real drawback - if we can't get it going
for _all_ volumes, we're in serious trouble.

> It might not make any difference but it would be worth trying
> Greenstone 2.70w, just in case this is a bug we've fixed.
of course i should have done this, but there were issues with 2.70 i
didn't have time to resolve, so i stayed with 2.62 - but maybe those
are fixed now as well... (at least for testing the build process it
should suffice)

thanks for your immediate reply!