[greenstone-users] How to make a collection accessible from internet ?

From Vincent Dubuc
DateFri, 11 Aug 2006 17:53:58 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] How to make a collection accessible from internet ?

A "simple" question that may not be specific to greenstone library...

I already read some message on displaying collection on internet, the
answer always that you need to configure your server etc. for such
things. But does a "normal" individual, with "normal" internet
collection (ie, someone which made is own collection and had is personal
web site paid to an internet provider, and not some kind of association
which already had its own server) could do that ?

I made a bibliography collection of some french newspaper, the only way
I find to make it accessible was to export it to a CD-Rom and put the
.iso file on my site for download.... which is not as friendly as the
normal collection display.

If someone had find a way for this specific problem, any solution would
be welcome.

Vincent Dubuc