Re: [greenstone-users] problem with building "large" collections [SOLVED!]

From Michael Dewsnip
DateTue, 15 Aug 2006 10:46:38 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] problem with building "large" collections [SOLVED!]
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Hi Jens,

This sounds like a format statement problem. When formatting a
classifier VList you need to treat classifier nodes differently from
leaf (document) nodes, since classifier nodes don't have any metadata
except Title (eg. they don't have DocOID metadata because they aren't

Typically you use a "{If}{[numleafdocs],<Format code for classifier
nodes>,<Format code for document nodes>}" structure for hierarchical
classifiers, since "[numleafdocs]" is only defined for classifier nodes.

All the best,


jens wille wrote:

>jens wille [11.08.2006 08:31]:
>>however, the aforementioned issues with v2.70 still exist, i'll
>>open a new thread soon. (e.g., i can't seem to access a
>>document's metadata in classifiers, DocOID seems to be
>>undefined/inaccessible, ...)
>correction: it only affects my AZCompactList without mingroup, other
>AZCompactList's (with mingroup 1) work fine - maybe i can solve it
>on my own.
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