Re: [greenstone-users] _formquerytypeselection_

From Katherine Don
DateTue, 15 Aug 2006 12:06:45 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] _formquerytypeselection_
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Hi Pablo

_formquerytypeselection_ (used in _textformsimplesearch_ and
_textformadvancedsearch_) was changed to _formquerytypesimpleselection_
and _formquerytypeadvancedselection_ respectively in The
other languages were not updated. I have done this now, and it will be
correct in the next release.

An alternative fix is to add the following macro into

_formquerytypeselection_ {
<select name="t">
<option value="1"selected>
<option value="0">

This is not used by the english interface, but the languages that
haven't been updated will then work ok.

Katherine wrote:
> Hello,
> I created a collection based on a CDS/ISIS database from
> the GLI.
> Simple search works fine.
> I used the mgpp indexer to allow form searching
> In English works fine, but I have trouble with some language interfaces.
> I only need Spanish, but I noticed that French doesn't work either. I get
> "_formquerytypeselection_" instead of "some/all " selection form.
> On the other hand Dutch, German and Italian work fine.
> Any ideas of what may be causing trouble?
> Thank you in advance.
> Pablo Morete
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