Re: [greenstone-users] problem with building "large" collections [SOLVED! - not really]

From jens wille
DateThu, 17 Aug 2006 15:54:31 +0200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] problem with building "large" collections [SOLVED! - not really]
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hi michael!

Michael Dewsnip [16.08.2006 23:38]:
> Yes, I think this is the most important test.
test failed: "Out of memory!" :-( so it's not just the Hierarchy
classifier causing trouble here. do we have too many classifiers?
are they growing too large? quite frustrating...

i just started yet another test with two maybe not so important
classifiers omitted (but with the Hierarchy classifier included
again) - now i'll wait and see...

but even if i should manage to find a working configuration for 9
volumes, it may well fail for the 10th, or 11th, or ...

> Rene Schrama reported problems with the Hierarchy classifier
> using an unreasonable amount of memory back in December 2003; it
> went on my "to do" list then but I've never had any time to look
> into it. This might just be a good reason to finally do so!
well, that'd be awesome ;-) what chances do you see to get it done?
if i can help in any way, please let me know.