Re: [greenstone-users] Dynamic collections and data entry

From Michael Dewsnip
DateFri, 18 Aug 2006 12:03:20 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Dynamic collections and data entry
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Hi Claire,

You're right that multiple people cannot use the GLI client to edit a
collection at the same time. Unfortunately the technical challenges
involved in allowing this safely and reliably are considerable, and
personally I don't think the benefit is worth the effort.

As an alternative, each person could add to their own collection, and
the collections could be merged and built as one at the end. One
disadvantage of this is that the list of terms entered for each metadata
field would be different for each user, but I think you could work
around this if it was a big problem.



Claire Wilson (DSL AK) wrote:

>Thanks for the reply Joel.
>I guess I should have explained that I was hoping to use the GLI remote
>client for data entry. It is good in that there is a drop down list of
>terms that have been entered for each field, as this helps with
>consistency for entry with subject headings etc.
>I was wondering if it would work to have several people using the GLI
>for additions only, and rebuild the collection at the end of the day?
>The documentation says not to do this,
>greenstone.html) because work may be lost, but I thought that if files
>were being added to the import directory and then saved, that it could
>be okay?
>Thank you
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>Dear Claire,
> You can copy the collection directory from
>Greenstonecollect]collection nameimport and just add the files into
>the collection built in your computer by the metadata will be added to
>the actual element when you copy and as you have said you are using a
>dummy document it would not take much space and you can assign a unique
>number for dummy document by right clicking on the collection window.
>Once you have done with all your data entry then you can build your
>collection or you can just incremental build.
>With Regards
>Joel Sandeep
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>ISIM, University of Mysore,
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