Re: [greenstone-users] how-to Format a second level shelf in a list

From Katherine Don
DateTue, 22 Aug 2006 17:08:26 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] how-to Format a second level shelf in a list
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Hi Ruben

You can only specify a format statement for the complete classifier. But
you can use If statements to modify what gets displayed, and where.

Have you specified the correct classifier below? that one appears to be
classifying on language, not author.

I am not sure what your list actually looks like, but I guess its:
first level of bookshelves with authors
second level of documents displaying titles?

If you are trying to format items that are documents, and not items that
are bookshelves, then you can use {If}{[numleafdocs],stuff for
bookshelves,stuff for documents}
because only bookshelves define numleafdocs metadata.

If you are trying to format a second level of bookshelves, then you have
more limited options, as bookshelves only define Title metadata (and

If this doesn't help, then please send more description about what the
structure of the classifier is and what you want to achieve (and a link
to your library server if its public)


ruben pandolfi wrote:
> Hello to all,
> I have a classifier list of authors like this:
> classify GenericList -metadata dc.Language
> -always_bookshelf_last_level -sort_leaf_nodes_using dc.Title
> all authors display correctly as shelved , even with one documents only.
> Now I would like to format only the "second level" list, that is now
> displaying author name, and all the authors titles linked to the document.
> Is there a way to specify this list only?
> From the URL, I see that in my case it would be CL3.* (CL3.1 CL3.2
> CL3.3....)
> I have tried formatting format CL3VList but this overrides all level of
> the lists....
> Can you suggest a solution?
> Thank you !
> Ruben
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