Re: [greenstone-users] Dynamic collections and data entry

From Katherine Don
DateMon, 28 Aug 2006 16:17:21 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Dynamic collections and data entry
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Hi Claire

> I understand the next release will be designed to enable Greenstone
> collections to be maintained dynamically more easily, and it won?t be
> necessary to rebuild the collection so often?
The next release will include the "depositor", a web based interface
which allows users to submit individual documents into the collection.
The initial collection needs to be designed and built once. This
interface only allows addition of new documents, along with associated
metadata. The individual documents are build into the collection on
submission, and depending on how the collection is set up, this may not
require a full rebuild.
> Are there any release notes about how this will work? In fact are there
> release notes for previous versions, as I haven?t found them?
There will be some release notes about this when the release comes out.
There are release notes available for past releases - if you go to
, then in the list of packages to be downloaded, there is a [Notes]
link, which links to the release notes.
Also you can search the greenstone archives collection
if you look for something like "2.70 released" you should find the
release email that was sent to the mailing list.
> Is there anyway we can have several people working on the same
> collection, otherwise I guess we will need to look for some more
> software to make a front end for data entry which we then send to
> Greenstone in batches?
> The other question that I have related to this, is that when entering a
> new dummy record, is there any way a system generated unique number can
> be entered for the filename?
How are you creating the dummy files? Using new dummy document on the
right click menu? There is no code to do this at the moment - maybe you
could implement somehting that provides a default unique filename?