Re: [greenstone-users] Newbie seeking some guidance

From Michael Dewsnip
DateWed, 30 Aug 2006 15:16:00 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Newbie seeking some guidance
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Hi Ed,

I've just created a new CSVPlug that should be a lot closer to what
you're looking for. This plugin reads CSV files and creates a Greenstone
record for each line of the file (containing the metadata from that
line). The first line of the file must specify the metadata element
names, comma separated. The plugin will be included in Greenstone v2.71,
or you can download it now from

The old CSVPlug has been renamed to MetadataCSVPlug
This plugin is for using CSV files to assign metadata to documents in a
collection. In comparison, the new plugin is for metadata only
collections where all the data is stored in the CSV files, and there are
no documents.

If you're using the GLI you should probably delete the C:Documents and
Settings<Username>Application DataGreenstoneGLIplugins.dat file to
be sure the CSVPlug settings are loaded correctly.

Let me know if you have any problems with the new plugin.



E Robinson wrote:

> I am trying to put together two collections - one will be just
> metadata - a list of papers from about 10 organisations) the other a
> similar list but for just one organisation with the papers (each in a
> separate Word document).
> I have a csv file (created by saving from an Excel spreadsheet) with
> sample metadata. There are about 1000 entries in my sample but it will
> go up to about 10,000 for the final collection.
> How do I create empty files with the .nul extension?
> Thanks
> Ed Robinson
> At 12:36 12/07/2006, Michael Dewsnip wrote:
>> Hi Graeme,
>> Judging from your subsequent e-mails you figured a lot of this out on
>> your own, but here are some comments for others who might be trying to
>> do something similar.
>> - There is a new CSVPlug plugin for Greenstone that processes CSV files
>> (download from
>> <>
>> ).
>> The first field must contain the name of the file to assign the
>> metadata to.
>> - If you have only metadata, and no documents, you need to create empty
>> files with .nul extension (one for each record), and use these as
>> something to assign the metadata to.
>> - An alternative to using CSVPlug is to convert the CSV files to
>> metadata.xml files, as you've done. One benefit of this is that the
>> metadata will become editable in the GLI. (There is nothing in
>> Greenstone to do this conversion, you will need to do it yourself; look
>> at one of the metadata.xml files in the Greenstone "demo" collection to
>> see the format of these files).
>> - If the metadata is in metadata.xml format, you can right-click on one
>> of the .nul files in the GLI and choose "replace with" to replace the
>> dummy file with the real document (eg. a PDF file), and the metadata
>> will be transferred automatically.
>> All the best,
>> Michael
>> graeme wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> >
>> > I am wanting to evaluate Greenstone because I believe that it will
>> > address the needs of my organisation. I have successfully installed it
>> > and wish to set up some sample data, but I'm a little uncertain about
>> > how to go about this. The situation is that I have an existing
>> > catalogue that is held on an Access database. Some of these but not
>> > all are available on PDF, but we wish to hold every item on the
>> > library. We have items in three possible languages, English, Dari and
>> > Pashtu. Initially because of space concerns we don't want to include
>> > the pdf files.
>> >
>> > My question is what do I need to do to get the data from the database
>> > to greenstone?
>> >
>> > After reading the manuals and searching this list I believe that I
>> > need to do the following:
>> >
>> > 1. Set up the metadata for each Access field, do I need to do this for
>> > each language?
>> > 2. Convert the data from Access to a CSV file
>> > 3. Make this a XML file. Will each XML entry be the metadata name?
>> > i.e. <ex.Language>English</ex.Language>
>> > 4. Some how import this into Greenstone, will this be via GLI, Gather?
>> > If so how do I indicate in the XML file the start and end of each item
>> > that I wish to include in the collection
>> >
>> > 5. How would the pdf files be added later?
>> >
>> > If this question has already been answered I apologise but could you
>> > please direct me to the appropriate place.
>> >
>> > Many thanks for your time,
>> >
>> > Graeme Foster.
>> >
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