Re: [greenstone-users] Examples of use of CSVPlug and/or ExcelPlug

From E Robinson
DateFri, 25 Aug 2006 11:09:08 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Examples of use of CSVPlug and/or ExcelPlug
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I created a csv file from an Excel file containing my metadata, but discovered that " and ' marks translated to ?, and that a maximum of 255 characters were copied for any particular cell. I have a data field called abstract which sometimes goes over that limit.
1. Is there a way around the translation and maximum length limitations of conversion from Excel to csv? Should I be saving to Excel 95 or 97 format and using ExcelPlug? Does that work the same way as CSVPlug?
2. How do I create dummy (.null) files? I have about 1000 entries that I hope will grow to about 10,000. Is there another way around this?

At 09:46 25/08/2006, Michael Dewsnip wrote:
Hi Michael,

I've attached an example .csv file for assigning metadata to two
documents in the Greenstone Demo collection. The first line contains the
metadata element names, and subsequent lines contain the metadata values.

The Filename value specifies which file to assign the metadata to. In
your case you don't have any files -- it's all metadata. The solution in
this case is to create dummy (empty) .nul files, one per record, and use
the name of these files for the Filename value. You will need both
"plugin CSVPlug" and "plugin NULPlug" in your collection configuration.

Hope this helps,


Michael Silver wrote:

>Still working away on my little problem. I'm making progress, but I'm having
>difficulty using the CSVPlug and ExcelPlug plugins. I haven't found a
>tutorial or sample collection in my searches on the web and in the wiki. Can
>anyone point me towards one?
>Thank you,
>Michael Silver, Network Administrator
>Parkland Regional Library
>5404 56 Avenue Lacombe, AB T4L 1G1
>Phone: 403.782.3850    Fax: 403.782.4650
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b17mie/b17mie.htm,Microlivestock - Little-Known Small Animals with a Promising Economic Future (b17mie),English,"Animal Husbandry and Animal Product Processing|Other animals (micro-livestock, little known animals, silkworms, reptiles, frogs, snails, game, etc.)"
b18ase/b18ase.htm,Little Known Asian Animals With a Promising Economic Future (b18ase),English,"Animal Husbandry and Animal Product Processing|Other animals (micro-livestock, little known animals, silkworms, reptiles, frogs, snails, game, etc.)"

public           true

beta             false

indexes          section:text section:Title document:text

plugin           GAPlug
plugin           CSVPlug
plugin           HTMLPlug -description_tags
plugin           ArcPlug
plugin           RecPlug -use_metadata_files

classify         Hierarchy -metadata dls.Subject -sort dls.Title -buttonname Subject
classify         Hierarchy -metadata dls.AZList -hlist_at_top  -sort dls.Title -buttonname Title
classify         Hierarchy -metadata dls.Organization -sort dls.Title -buttonname Organization
classify         Hierarchy -metadata dls.Keyword -sort dls.Title -buttonname Howto

# To build this collection using the List clasifier for the Howto
# listing (as shown in the Greenstone Developer's Guide) you should
# uncomment the following two lines and comment out the line above
# before rebuilding.
#classify      List -metadata dls.Keyword -buttonname Howto
#format        CL4VList     "<br>[link][dls.Keyword][/link]"

format SearchVList "<td valign=top>[link][icon][/link]</td><td>{If}{[parent(All': '):Title],[parent(All': '):Title]:}[link][Title][/link]</td>"
format VList "<td valign=top>[link][icon][/link]</td><td valign=top>[highlight]{Or}{[Title],Untitled}[/highlight]<i><small>{If}{[Date],<br>publication date: [Date]}{If}{[NumPages],<br>no. of pages: [NumPages]}{If}{[Source],<br>source ref: [Source]}</small></i></td>"

format DocumentText "<h3>[Title]</h3>\n\n<p>[Text]"
format DocumentImages true
format DocumentButtons "Expand Text|Expand Contents|Detach|Highlight"

format DateList "<td>[link][icon][/link]</td><td>[highlight]{Or}{[dls.Title],[dc.Title],[Title],Untitled}[/highlight]</td><td>[Date]</td>"

format HList "[link][highlight][Title][/highlight][/link]"

format DocumentHeading "{Or}{[parent(Top):Title],[Title],untitled}<br>"

collectionmeta  iconcollectionsmall [l=en] "/gsdl/collect/demo/images/en/demosm.gif"
collectionmeta  iconcollection [l=en] "/gsdl/collect/demo/images/en/demo.gif"

collectionmeta  iconcollectionsmall [l=fr] "/gsdl/collect/demo/images/fr/demosm.gif"
collectionmeta  iconcollection [l=fr] "/gsdl/collect/demo/images/fr/demo.gif"

collectionmeta  iconcollectionsmall [l=es] "/gsdl/collect/demo/images/es/demosm.gif"
collectionmeta  iconcollection [l=es] "/gsdl/collect/demo/images/es/demo.gif"

collectionmeta  iconcollectionsmall [l=ru] "/gsdl/collect/demo/images/ru/demosm.gif"
collectionmeta  iconcollection [l=ru] "/gsdl/collect/demo/images/ru/demo.gif"

# -- English strings ----------------
collectionmeta  collectionname [l=en] "Greenstone demo"
collectionmeta  collectionextra [l=en] "This is a demonstration collection for the Greenstone digital library software. It contains a small subset (11 documents) of the Humanitarian and Development Libraries."

collectionmeta  .section:text [l=en] "chapters"
collectionmeta  .section:Title [l=en] "section titles"
collectionmeta  .document:text [l=en] "entire documents"

# -- French strings ----------------
collectionmeta  collectionname [l=fr] "Démo Greenstone"
collectionmeta  collectionextra [l=fr] "Il s'agit d'une collection de démonstration pour le logiciel Greenstone. Elle contient seulement un petit échantillon des Bibliothèques humanitaires pour le Développement (11 documents)."

collectionmeta  .section:text [l=fr] "chapitres"
collectionmeta  .section:Title [l=fr] "titres des sections"
collectionmeta  .document:text [l=fr] "documents entiers"

# -- Spanish strings ----------------
collectionmeta  collectionname [l=es] "Colección de muestra Greenstone"
collectionmeta  collectionextra [l=es] "Esta es una colección de demostración del programa Greenstone. Contiene un pequeño subconjunto (11 documentos) de las Bibliotecas Humanitarias para el Desarrollo."

collectionmeta  .section:text [l=es] "capítulos"
collectionmeta  .section:Title [l=es] "títulos de las secciones"
collectionmeta  .document:text [l=es] "documentos enteros"

# -- Russian strings ----------------
collectionmeta  collectionname [l=ru] "демон???а?ионн?й п?име? Greenstone"
collectionmeta  collectionextra [l=ru] "Э?о - демон???а?ионна? коллек?и? п?ог?аммного обе?пе?ени? ?и??овой библио?еки Greenstone. ?на ?оде?жи? небол??ой поднабо? (11 док?мен?ов) ??мани?а?ной библио?еки и ?иблио?еки ?азви?и?."

collectionmeta  .section:text [l=ru] "?лав?"
collectionmeta  .section:Title [l=ru] "?азвани? ?азделов"
collectionmeta  .document:text [l=ru] "?олн?е док?мен??"

# -- Armenian strings ----------------
collectionmeta  collectionextra [l=hy] "?ա Գ?ինսթոո?ն թվային գ?ադա?անի ?ո??ադ?ական նմո?շ է? Այն պա?ո?նակո?մ է հասա?ակագիտական ? զա?գա?ման բնագավառնե?ի 11 ?աստաթղթե?ի հավա?ածո?"

collectionmeta  .section:text [l=hy] "Բաժիննե?"
collectionmeta  .section:Title [l=hy] "Բաժիննե?ի վե?նագ?ե?"
collectionmeta  .document:text [l=hy] "ողջ ?աստաթո?ղթը"

# -- Finnish strings ----------------
collectionmeta  collectionextra [l=fi] "Tämä on esimerkkikokoelma, joka on tehty Greenstone digitaalisen kirjaston ohjelmistoa varten. Se sisältää osan (11 dokumenttia) Humanitäärisestä kirjastosta ja Kehitystyökirjastosta."

collectionmeta  .section:text [l=fi] "kappaleita"
collectionmeta  .section:Title [l=fi] "osien otsakkeita"
collectionmeta  .document:text [l=fi] "koko dokumentteja"

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