Re: [greenstone-users] Editing Searching page

From Richard Managh
DateWed, 03 Jan 2007 11:51:41 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Editing Searching page
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Hi Bidhan,

I'm not sure what you want to add to the search page, but if you want to . . .

1.  . . . Add information that does not depend on the result items for a particular search, but is part of the rest of the page, you should try editing macros in your collections that belong to the search macro package. You can find the default search macros in <greenstone installation directory>/macros/

2.  . . . Add information displayed with each returned listed search result, you should try changing your SearchVList format statement in your collections etc/collect.cfg file. You can add html to this string containing any text you like.

An example of a SearchVList format statement can be found in this collection  . . .

. . . from this page of example collections:

The collect.cfg file containing the SearchVList format statement
(the line starting with format SearchVList . . .) is at this url:

If your documents are images imported with ImagePlug they can have icons automatically generated that you can display by changing your format statements. Notice the [icon] in the example SearchVList format statement, this tells greenstone to display the icon generated for a particular document in the search result list.

Hope this is helpful,


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bidhan chaudhuri wrote:
I have made a database with gsdl downloading successfully version 2.72.exe from internet adn also Personalizing my web page according to my requirement. I want to add some icons or data in  Search mode page in user interface. Which file(s) to be edited and how?
Bidhan Chaudhuri