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From Katherine Don
DateMon, 08 Jan 2007 14:09:24 +1300
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Search results list
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Hi Diego

There is no nice format statement variable for this, sorry.

However, the information is kind of available in the page already - if
you have 'format DocumentSearchResultLinks true' in a collection, the
search result links have arguments srp and srn (search result next and
search result previous) which are used to link to the previous and next
search results from the current document display.
e.g. may have srp=2&srn=4. in this case the current position would be 3.
Maybe you could use javascript to extract these values and work out the
alternatively could you use javascript to count through the list of
search results and add in numbers? This wouldn't be so easy when you are
on the second page of search results - you'd need to take into account
the number of docs per page and what page you were at - this info is
available through cgi args.


Diego Spano wrote:
> Hi list, is there any way to show a numbered list for a search? I mean,
> I want that the SearchVList shows the position number of the document in
> this list.
> Thanks.
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