Re: [greenstone-users] Problem of decoding

DateThu, 25 Jan 2007 10:46:16 +1300 (NZDT)
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Problem of decoding
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Hello bidhan,

You can specify an input encoding to HTMLPlug if you know the encoding of
your documents. Here is how:
go to the Design panel, click Document Plugins, click HTMLPlug, click
Configure Plugin..., check input_encoding and select the encoding you
Don't forget to rebuild the collection.


> Hi, I'm in a trouble accessing big html files of my newspaper clippings.
> HTML files are created before downloading in gsdl. When I try to retreave
> such file in user interface it is partly readable and rest of the article
> is not properly decored. Doing refresh another part will be cleared but
> not the full article. I thing it's a problem of decoding. Please suggest
> me what to do. Bidhan ChaudhuriCGCRI
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