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From Victor T. Jones, Jr.
DateFri, 24 Mar 2006 17:17:35 -0500
Subject RE: [greenstone-users] Subject Browse Help
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Thanks for the reply. I didn't have a CL2Vlist statement, so
I put one in and played with the results just a little. That
works...partially. I would like the results to forward to
the web pages I have already created rather than to the
resulting webpages created on the fly by Greenstone.

My format info is as follows for CL2VList:
<td valign=top>[link][icon][/link]</td>
/srclink]</td> <td valign=top>[highlight][weblink]

When I browse the Subject category, I get the Subject
Headings, and if I click on the icon by the subject, I go to
a list of the documents. [This is fine, but is there a way
to hyperlink the subject headings, too?]

When I click on the icons for the documents, I am forwarded
to the pages generated by Greenstone. When I click on the
hyperlink for the title of a document, I am forwarded to the
page on my web server [the later portion is what I want].

How can I get to the pages on my web server by clicking the
icon? If I replace [link][icon][/link] with
[weblink]...[/weblink], I can no longer access the documents
from the Subject Browse page. In other words, I cannot click
on the bookshelf icon in the Subject browse to see the list
of documents for a particular subject.

Thanks again,

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On Thu, Mar 23, 2006 at 05:32:22PM -0500, Victor T. Jones,
Jr. wrote:
> I have been playing with Greenstone for the past week, and
> I'm having trouble creating a subject browse for my
> collection. I have some questions that I hope someone can
> answer.

> When I go to the collection
> ( and it
> is the Craven County Digital History Exhibit) the subject
> headings are there, but I do not have a link to the
> documents (individual webpages). The other selections
> (Title, Source, Date) all return links to the original
> file. Does anyone know why, or what I'm doing wrong?

this would suggest that one of the formatting strings is
Since it is the 2nd classfier (after titles), I'd suggest
your "format CL2VList" statement is wrong (assuming you have
It looks like you've put in an [icon] to get the image, but
the [link]...[/link] tags to tell it to link to the