[greenstone-devel] RE: Greenstone and Visual Studio 8

From Emanuel Dejanu
DateFri, 3 Feb 2006 12:07:21 +0200
Subject [greenstone-devel] RE: Greenstone and Visual Studio 8
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I have get the same crashes like you and I fixed them in our code base. I
will try
to get the CVS version and fix them also there.

The problem are the iterators. You can not do *iter when the iterator is
end() or
if it before begin().

Our library.exe is running without any problem. I hope to have a patch for
you today
but I do not make any promise.


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Dear Emanuel,

I have tried compiling Greenstone with Visual Studio 2005 and committed a
few changes necessary to get it to compile. I haven't committed your changes
to the makefiles and the source code to prevent all the warnings, as we want
to keep Greenstone compiling with Visual C++ 4 (at this stage, anyway).

However when I run the compiled library.exe or server.exe it crashes with an
exception -- did you experience this problem?



Emanuel Dejanu wrote:

>I am trying to compile the greenstone 2 (CVS) using Visual Studio 2005
>Professional on Windows XP SP2.
>If you do not have Visual Studio 2005 you can get Visual Studio C++
>2005 Express edition for free from msdn.microsoft.com (you must
>register it before 7 nov 2006)
>I send you a patch to fix the compilation problemes.
>The patch was done using the command (in D:CVSROOTgsdl):
>cvs -q diff -bu2 > d:mg_patch
>I have tested also with Visual Studio 6.0 and is working also.
>Best regards,
>Emanuel Dejanu